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A Renaissance of Return

group of people in the mountains

I have to admit that I’ve had some challenges lately, a few setbacks that have taken the wind out of my sails and shaken my confidence. It is my nature to be upbeat and positive; I have the ability to dig deep and navigate through difficulties, yet this time I’m having trouble picking myself up. Be it mid-life or menopause, there is a natural shift that is occurring, and on some level, I feel fixed in this change. I am experiencing an inevitable cycle of life that we don’t usually talk about. We ignore it because we are uncomfortable making […]

The Evolution of Dreams

prayer flags

The information highway is ever-expanding and there seems to be no limit to the material available on the internet. My friends and family often send me links to articles they think will pique my interest, and I even still get an occasional newspaper article in the mail from my dad. Recently, I received a blog post called “10 Habits of People Who Follow Their Dreams,” and since I want to be intentional about this next phase of my life, I decided to review the column in hopes of insight and inspiration. I read the 10 statements and it was easy […]

Beyond my Comfort Zone


To a child all the world is new, exciting and full of wonder. They enthusiastically try, fail and try again! The rewards here are great as the child naturally gains more personal freedom through self-discovery. Children remind me of the excitement and innate curiosity to be found within each new experience. So why is it that this inherent sense of fascination fades with time? When is the last time you took a risk? What did you notice? In time, our actions become more calculated as we learn to consider the outcomes of our choices. Humans naturally learn and discern through […]

Two Hands are Better than One


I am presently single, having arrived here because I am unwilling to settle for less than my heart’s deepest desire. I have to admit that it has taken some compelling experiences to adjust my way of being and not jump back into the groove of my ineffective patterns. The true art of learning comes from not repeating the same mistakes and consciously creating better choices. Maybe I’m just a slow learner. And, luckily, there are some poignant takeaways as a result of having some “time out”: It’s easier to be alone than to feel lonely within a relationship. I’d rather […]

Riding the Wave of Change


There is a period of time in all of our lives where we ride the wave until we reach the top of our game. It is here we feel our purpose – strong, motivated and excited by all that is possible. It is in this moment time can seem endless, yet we move at a fast clip because our dreams are still in front and we are moving towards them. It’s considered the prime of life, and it may be the pinnacle of our career, an athletic pursuit, or reaching a peak in sexual drive and personal edge. Whatever form […]

Co-Creating a Conscious Relationship

couple on the beach

Relationships fascinate me because the instant we interact we form a distinct connection, even if it’s just momentary. How willing are you to show up and be present for this interface? I find the variations within each correspondence to be a compelling and complex dance of everyday existence. The closer and more intimate we are, the more real a relationship becomes. How authentic and deep are you willing to go? Think about what initially draws you to another person – is it good looks, humor, great conversations, their quirky nature, intelligence, athletic ability, sex appeal, money, intrigue or loneliness? How […]

Create the Change You Want to Be

Indian creek meeting

I was recently in Durango, Co. networking with a half-dozen people who work for various organizations in the field of leadership and executive coaching. During my visit I felt as though I was on a treasure hunt, uncovering inspired individuals with unique talents who are masters of their craft. I felt a strong connection with these folks that was born of a shared vision to create a better future through authentic leadership, personal transformation and sustainable change. Topics that really get my juices flowing! To illustrate what I am talking about, consider how you respond in the following situations when […]

Wide Open Spaces

water and mountains

I have heard people say that it is our given right as a human being to flourish and be happy. When I look around the planet, I see a lot of people who are struggling to get food on their table, a roof over their head and clean water in their bodies. There are wars and environmental destruction. If I’m not careful I can become skeptical and question what our purpose here really is. Moments like this are when I pause to take stock and appreciate the beauty, freedom, and choices I currently have. I live in a place where […]

The Spirit of Christmas


The holidays tend to expand our capacity to open our hearts and feel compassion for all beings. It is here we experience the spirit of friendship, love and connection. We gather, we sing, we eat, we pray, we leave letters for Santa while we miss those who are distant and remember those who have passed. We remember to be kind, to be grateful for all we have, to give more than we think we have and to be of service to our neighbors. This, is the holiday spirit we are drawn to, a place we can rest and rejoice our […]

The Last Round

standing on the beach

For the past year I have been footloose and fancy free – not by choice, but in retrospect, by necessity. When I look at the coaching articles I’ve written they each speak to part of my story. Fragments of the poignant lessons I acquired on this last knock-down, drag-out round of my most recent relationship. As a result, I embarked on a solo journey with a one-way ticket into my soul. I took time to grieve, examine my repeated mistakes, admit to my quirky patterns and clarify just exactly what on earth I am looking for. Most importantly, I found […]